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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

I am 17 and a recently “converted” christian. Though I read many book, studies, and articles there was nothing more insightful than your book “The God Delusion”. Coming from a christian family of every generation as far as anyone can remember it was not the most smooth transition. Since my parents were adamantly against the changed I humored them and my self by reading books by several theologians that write to bring back the swaging agnostic ex: C.S. Lewis, Jason Boyett, Alister McGrath. Most of these works had an opposing effect than what the writer had in mind showing that people are either angered at things they don’t understand or just unwilling to change since the have a nice comfy crutch to lean on in the the form of religion. These ideas are not held by just the writing class. Though i go into them with the best intentions most theology discussion turn into full out fights within five minutes if its with an elder. But perhaps converting them is a lost cause I’m leading my focus towards my own generation and below. The youth is more open minded than those that preceded them and i use this to my own advantage. When i speak of my thoughts on religion to someone of my own age group its not a fight but an open talk about the possibility of other options in the world than the ones forced down our throats since birth.

Therefore its my job as a atheist (or teapot agnostic anyway but most people have no idea what that is) to take this opportunity to lead a new generation into progress which can only happen through non-belief. Im trying to start an out campaign but living in Houston, Texas the support really isn’t there to accomplish what i want. I do not give up hope though, with generation after generation becoming smarter than the last i know that my task will become easier. I remain strong in my goal with no help from any higher power, no super natural deity, and no “godly” spirits. I can do this because i as a human a product of the natural selection and evolution have the ability to complete tough tasks on my own.

With much thanks,
Chris Merryman

“Science is the bat that we use to smash the teapots in this world” — Unknown

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