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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Sir,

I had the unfortunate experience to be baptized Catholic. Even though my parents were non-practicing, I would have to assume that my mother wanted to purchase a little bit of fire insurance for me. I was taught about god in the home. As a teenage youth, I was invited to an Evangelical gathering. I accepted because several friends were going. I was “saved”. I spent about a year as a devout Evangelical Christian. I read the Bible from cover to cover, excusing some of the horrible bits as God’s will.

I was always a great student in science, and eventually I couldn’t reconcile some of the religious claims with reality. I was told that the Earth was 5000 years old and that Adam and Eve walked with the dinosaurs. I couldn’t abide by this and since it wasn’t written in the Bible, I just dismissed it as the fallibility of even the devout. I stopped going to the Evangelical Church because I honestly couldn’t live the lifestyle. I kept my Christian faith even though I didn’t practice it. I would pray at any time of great need. Having experienced so much devout Christian idiocy over the years and finally thinking critically about the subject, I decided last year that I couldn’t abide by or believe in a god that would sentence six out of every seven people to eternal suffering. I became agnostic.

I was turned onto one of your Youtube videos where you debated absolute morality. It didn’t take much for me to discount my own agnosticism as being falsely conjured. After watching a documentary on evolution and genetics it was specifically Ken Miller and his presentation about chromosome two that made me realize that I had been duped. I now realize that the religions are definitely not a standard of morality. Quite the opposite in fact. Your work and the work of Hitchens, Sam Harris, Steven Hawking, and Daniel Dennett have saved me from the mental slavery of religion. The day that I realized that I was an Atheist was one of the greatest days of my life. I have recently finished ‘The God Delusion’ and have just started ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. Thank you for your contribution to reason and science.


Eric Wurm

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