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Jan 29, 2013

A letter to the “Convert’s Corner”,

From birth, I was raised a Catholic, as my parents were (which seems to be the normal for children in any religion; that they follow their parents). I can say I have been an Atheist since the age of about 12 or 13, when I began to see the blatant contradictions in teachings and practices associated with Catholicism. This crisis of faith was further compounded by a realization that there were countless religions in the world, that people claimed the knew to be true because of personal experience and such, which made me say to myself “everyone can’t be right, and I have had no such experience in this particular establishment.” As I grew up and became more educated, I was firmly entrenched in my own Atheism, but I did not wish to upset my parents or friends who were devout followers of whichever religion they were brought up with. This “closet” Atheism was carried with me until very recently when I began reading and watching Professor Dawkins’ speeches, among other prominent scientists, mostly in the fields of evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. I know have no fear or remorse in telling people I am an Atheist, and even engaging in “debates” (although religious arguments are almost always foolish), which is something I promised not to do out of respect. I would just like to thank Professor Dawkins and other Atheist intellectuals for allowing me to realize there is no shame in being an Atheist. I feel like a new person. Thank goodness!

-Zachary Sokolowski

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