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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

“The God Delusion” has become my bible. I carry it with me often and it
is indeed underscored, highlighted and page marked like that of a baptist
preacher. I now feel armed with the arguments I need to defend myself in
the face of ridiculous religious ideas because they are so absurd as to
leave me speechless. I was raised roman catholic (my use of lowercase is
intentional) however it began to dawn on me by the age of 7 or 8 that it
was a bunch of hoo-haa. Luckily for me my Dad was a closet athiest (now
out) so by the time I made my stance as a child he fully had my back.

I look forward to continuing to read this book to my five year old son
although he now falls asleep after a few paragraphs. I show my child
pictures of nebula and explain that somehow we all blasted out of one of
those. A far more beautiful concept in the mind of a child than a
bleeding, naked, murdered man hanging on a cross because “you are bad”

I sincerely thank you for your enormous committment and contribution to
science. Your intelligence and elegance and humor is a delight and has
vastly improved my life.

Warmest wishes to you and yours,

Kathryn “Trina” Shoemaker
Franklin, TN USA

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