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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Richard,

I would like to start by saying thank-you, I have always been sceptical of religion and your book The God Delusion has finally and thankfully given me the information to confirm my position as an atheist. I am now a passionate atheist who isn’t afraid to be counted and wish for the betterment of mankind that everybody read your book.

People in powerful religious positions have for too long manipulated their followers from their high horse. If people in these positions promoted proactive activities as much as they did their religious beliefs the world would be a much better place. It makes me angry that people can be so blindly devoted to faith, such as groups in certain areas of America, that they wish death and eternity in hell to yourself for your sound reasonable argument. I wonder what god would think about that? Surely the brainwashing capability’s of some members of the church cannot be that good and an individuals level of gullibility and vast level of idiocy plays a major part. I love your point where a Christian would be a Muslim had he been born into a different family and most probably have the same level of belief but in a different faith. Adamantly denying the other faiths as they are apparently wrong. I will strongly promote your book and television programmes by word of mouth and hope others can be as positively affected as I was.

Never before have I read anything so well and concisely argued and I have taken great please from reading your book and am sure I will now continue on through your collection.

Keep up the good work



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