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Jan 29, 2013

I have been an agnostic all my life but have never really identified with it so strongly until I read your book Richard. I have recently started engaging my peers in discussions about religion. I make it a point not to be arrogant or condescending when I make my points and by doing so we avoid conflict and the apprehensive feelings people get when you threaten their culturally derived identities that revolve around their cultural superstitions. Two of the biggest arguments that I get that religiously minded people just can’t fathom, is that if they were born in the middle east that they would be praying to allah instead of jesus. The next is that it is an unmoving belief in their mind, that the only morality that can exist is from religion or from a ultimatel creator. I have tried, tried hard, in giving credance to religion…but alas, What it means to me to be a person in the modern world, it just makes absolutely no sense.

Science, by it’s very nature is agnostic.
It may sound arrogant, and take it as you will, but anyone that isn’t agnostic is irrational.


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