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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,
Please accept my great appreciation for your inimitable talent to clarify and put many things into perspective that were hitherto hidden in clouds of superstitious religious indoctrination. Having said that I am convinced you are wrong on at least two counts. The first is your insistence that homeopathy doesn’t work. The second is your claim that there is absolutely no such thing as god (or anything remotely similar).

Firstly I am a great disbeliever of humbug and poppy-cock, be it religious or pseudo-scientific in nature and you can imagine how sceptical I was when a friend of my wife suggested many years ago I take homeopathic drops to cure a cold or when I felt a bit queasy after too much food and wine. For me, on most of these occasions, homeopathy worked and has worked ever since. I don’t profess to know why it works; I would be thrilled to hear a plausible scientific explanation if there was one but, to my knowledge, there isn’t and I will therefore continue to accept that this particular “pseudo-scientific poppy-cock” really helps to cure my maladies.

Secondly I am sure you are quite right in your conviction that there is no moral judge, no grey-bearded man/god (or spaghetti monster) sitting somewhere in the heavens looking down on us earthlings. However, I do feel (“feel” being the operative word perhaps) that there is an omnipresent spirit, an intangible energy if you like, that is an intrinsic part of all living things. Not being a scientist and in procession of your eloquence, this has become my personal explanation why humans all over the globe have invented gods, devils and angels etc to try to explain an otherwise unexplainable phenomenon. I am a farmer and have long since believed that animals and plants have a “spirit” too and I am convinced that this “breath of life” also departs their bodies when they die. Make no mistake, I believe secularism is something very precious and if religious influences were completely banned from our lives, the human world would be a better place but strangely enough I often also feel this “spirit” in places of human worship (churches, mosques and football stadiums etc). I have tried to explain these feelings away as possibly belonging to an electrical charge or some human chemical residue but I don’t think it is. This “spirit” (for want of a better word), that should not of course be hijacked by believers in bible/koran gods or explained away with any other tribal religious hocus-pocus, I use to explain why the very idea of a “god” even exists and it has always helped me personally to understand and explain that part of the natural world around me for which I would otherwise have no rational explanation.
.Gerald Raho, Austria

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