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Jan 29, 2013

I had always been religious; growing up in a 1st generation immigrant latin family, it was inevitable. I was told of the stories of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Passion of Jesus as a boy, always prayed the rosary, always asked God for things like a new bike, as a child would I suppose.I graduated high school and went to university. I kept my faith until my sophomore year when the science courses I was taking started becoming more detailed, more intense. Slowly I began doubting miracles, because they contradicted physics, the bible because it contradicted evolution, catholic morality because it contradicted its own philosophy. This was gradual until I took the time at one point to sum up the things I did and did not believe. I realized that I didn’t believe anything I grew up with, although I will always cherish the stories I was told as boy. I found that I could be comfortable believing in Einstein’s God: physics, nature, science. Physics is all powerful, omnipresent, and if you take the time to learn it you can get it to do things for you. I say this in a joking manner of course. In any case, my school is in the process of bringing in new faculty members to teach science, but unfortunately a few of them are associated with intelligent design, the people who say bananas were made for humans by God, and that we rode on dinosaurs. I had an awesome experience learning things that challenged my philosophies, opinions, and ideas with fact. The generations after me will be sold poison as medicine by charlatans claiming to be scientists. Richard Dawkins if you are out there, some faculty at this university and I would like you to come lecture.

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