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Jan 29, 2013


I’m not sure if Richard himself will read this, but it would be extremely pleasurable to me if he does.

I was raised in the Mormon church and I think I truly believed it at one time. I started having doubts about Mormonism when my first child was born. I’m still trying to figure out why I started doubting and what it was about the birth of my first son that might have caused it. In any case, finding one’s way out of the Mormon church is a thorny road. I was, of course, taught by some that evolution could not be true in the light of the “gospel” of the Mormon church. I read several books about evolution on my own and came to accept the truth of it. How can one *not* accept it is beyond me to comprehend. The facts are right there on the table.

Once I accepted those facts, I read a book written by Mormon bishops titled “Evolution and Mormonism: A Quest for Understanding”. I read this book three times. Absolute, utter nonsense. The very definition of shoe-horning. Appalling, even.

So I guess I can’t say I’m a convert through your work, but your work is staggeringly beautiful.

I have quickly moved from Agnosticism to Atheism. Evolution literally cuts the legs off Mormonism. Mormonism stands on the story of Adam and Eve. Everything comes out of that myth.

I will say that your work has given me more courage to stand up as an unapologetic atheist. I think I was pretty courageous already, but more so now.

Liberating is a great word for moving from Belief to Atheism. To a Mormon, though, that’s just a license to “sin”, whatever sin means. I understand why they feel that way, but it’s absurd. I have a greater sense of Morality now than I ever had while in the Mormon church. I think that’s what started my journey from belief to Atheism. I separated Honesty and other virtues from God and Mormonism. It was as that point that I realized I didn’t need Mormonism or a belief in some unseen being to be a good and happy person.

Thank you so very much for being such an important and strong voice for reason in this crazy United States of America.

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