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Jan 29, 2013

I am not a convert to Dawkins or Darwin, but have always know since my early teens that evolution is the only answer to all the questions we ask regarding ourselves and our world. I am not well educated (secondary modern school in the fifties!). During my life it has never ceased to amaze me how the majority of other people seem to believe the opposite to me. I have recently been introduced to Richard Dawkins books, and although for the non intellect they are not easy reading it is with great relief that I have finally found someone who can put into words what I have always believed albeit into somewhat difficult words!

The problem for Mr Dawkins is not his science or his writings , it is his intellect. Surely he must realise that the vast majority of the worlds population would have great difficulty in understanding his stance. Therefore he is ‘preaching’ only to other intellectuals, which is all very well but the remaining billions are left with religion so its no wonder he is exasperated!

I agree that to argue with a religious believer is pointless the very fact that ‘they’ believe or have’faith’ makes rational discussion impossible, the more they are presented with facts the greater their denial of the said facts.

So we need Mr Dawkins and many like him to fight this battle but it must be done in language that can be understood by all, then slowly but surely the truth shall out.

Yours Philip Emerton
West Yorkshire

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