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Jan 29, 2013

G’Day Richard.

Thanks again for your great book TGD, you articulated my beliefs which began to form when I was aged about 9. Shock & horror from all the family – you will be excommunicated!! Yeah right, a 9 year old really understands that. Oh to have been a few years older so I could have given a proper reply, like ‘ hang on a minute, I don’t remember joining this BS club ‘ or words to that effect.

No doubt you would have been pleased to hear that we have a female prime minister who is a professed atheist firm in her opinions and did not go to the opening of parliament church service. She also lives with a bloke without the supposed benefit of holy matrimony, not a bad looking bird either!! There have been quite a few negative letters to editors on the lines of your UGLY page but not as many as you might think, she is still in her ‘political honeymoon’ period, I think the editors are giving her a fair go as we say down here. Unfortunately she is a ten pound pom and belongs to the Labour party but you can’t have everything.

BUT and it’s a big but, we have now bequeathed the world another saint, you can only shake your head at the alleged miracles of Saint Mary who is famous in her own right, her good deeds were done in spite of the catholic church. A far thinking liberal way ahead of her time, I wonder what she would have thought of your books.

I have had your book (TGD) and DVD on the same for a few years, they are both well read and viewed but I have only just found the time to view and join this web site which I will visit on a regular basis from now on. The UGLY page is definitely my favourite, great fun, all those wankers in the same place, hate’ fire and brimstone, unfortunately some of them are serious and not to be taken lightly but I still think most of the human race are more broad minded.

You are doing a good job but you are much too nice a bloke and far too polite when dealing with some members of the opposition.

Regards Martyn.

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