Mother Nature, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1454)

Jan 29, 2013

Richard Dawkins has confirmed what I suspected for a long time, there is no such thing as an atheist in the intelligent world. The so called atheists are simply people that think ,that us believers think God is a magician with a magic wand. I listened to Richard on CBC radio and he admitted to believing in nature and evolution,which is exactly what some people call God,some call it Mother Nature, Allah, Dieu, Grand Manitou , simply Nature,etc,etc.but it’s all one and the same regardless of what you call it.

Mr. Dawkins knows that for sure and I hope I’m wrong in thinking he is looking for publicity to sell his work and books. A lot of people were mislead by different preachers trying to seperate Mother Nature from the word God.Like seperating the elements that form water.but it remains water in the end.

I wish Mr. Dawkins would not mislead innocent people anymore than they already are. Remember , the bible is totally parables,which was the only way to give an idea how the world came to be. example( 7 days is probably 7 million years) So far if one can translate the parables everything in it has happened exactly as predicted. Is it just a coincidence nobody knows for sure.

Don : Believer in Mother Nature or God as some people were told to call it.

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