We are God, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(171)

Jan 29, 2013

I just want to share this brilliant quote:

“The origins of most great religions go back to groups of people who made this discovery that you don’t look for god, you don’t look for power in the Caesars or in the temples or in the churches and all that. You look within.” (Tim Leary)

Religious experience is a natural state of mind, achievable through meditation, yoga and many other practices. We are God, all of us. I agree with Mr Dawkins on many accounts, and I dislike organised religions too. But behind the facade of ‘real’ there is primary reality – the White Light, the Unbearable Compassion, the Nature of the Mind. And it can be felt and experienced, as confirmed by many mystics, yogis and holy people through the ages. I think Mr Dawkins is simply living out his karma, but in the moment of death we all finally wake up from the human game and see ourselves for what we are – beings of light. I can only have compassion for Mr Dawkins and hope he will open his heart finally. What we can see and measure is not all there is.

Thank you & Namaste

Former atheist

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