Blind and sad, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(1854)

Jan 29, 2013

I am shocked at how you can see being a saint as sad and boring life, and you would encourage people to indulge sex and gambling, do you not see hoe blind you are, how incredible sad you yourself are. You cannot see the peace and love people who live god.

It is sad that you see god’s world and yet you refuse to acknowledge him. You are the one who is sad to criticize such a beautiful meaning of life. Science can never ever replace the peace of God in this egoistic world.

It is sad you research and yet you only see science, science is only part of our life, it does and will never replace peace.

The forces of nature will never give us peace life faith in God. It is something you will never understand if your faith is in the force of nature or science.

You need all the prayers for your work and your peace. Without religion and the notion of God, the world would be life the gladiators in Rome without humanity or compassion in the hearts of Kings and Queen.

You have never done it!

All prayers to you

Peace in God

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