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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I would like to thank you for your books that give me a great inspiration. I have read three of them. And after I had read them I was assured that my worldview is right.

I became a Christian at the age of 18. I grew up in a comunistic country so I did not hear the gospel until the time when democracy came. I became a Christian because I had made a research of historical evidence for resurection of Jesus.

I studied history at the university and I studied a lot about this topic and it were not just christian books. When I read your book God of delusion I expected you to write something about the issue of resurection. If one of the aims of your book was to prove that christianity was wrong, why did you not focus on the fundametal pillar of christian faith, which is resurection?

Mr. Dawkins, you are a clever man and you surely know how great historical evidence for resurection there are, don`t you. That is the reason why you focused on things that were not important for christian faith and sidetracked your readers from this topic.

In addition you wrote that German scholars in 19th century proved that New Testament is not reliable and was written a long time after the life of Jesus. But you forgot to write that they did not prove it, they just believed it. You did not write they claimed it was written at the end of 2nd century either. And somehow you forgot to mention that archaelogical discoveries desproved their theory.
I am not telling you are a liar. You just forget to mention important information in your books. Why?

As I have mentioned above, your books give me a great inspiration for my articles and debates. What a pity a can not have a live debate with you as I am not from UK and my English is not perfect.

I wish you the best and I am looking forward to your next books.

Maria Tvrdonova

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