Waste of time, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(186)

Jan 29, 2013

After going through the the episodes of ‘The Genius Of Charles Darwin’, i’m left with the impression that you’ve really gone deep into the evolution theory.

I’m impressed with your eloquence on the subject. But unfortunately, all your efforts (histrionics?), as far as i’m concerned, are a mere waste of time. Because, after All your explanations, and assertions that what you believe in is nothing but pure science, backed by solid proof, end with the lame reasoning that we’re headed nowhere. That life is a mere merry go round, generation after generation, on a stage that serves only so that th fittest can survive, improve, and go forward. Nowhere do i find an explanation of WHY humans show compassion to others of their species. Or WHY humans have a conscience. The reasons put forward to explain ‘soul’ are just plain drivel. Or not.

Seeing that the West, in general, is a liberal society, that believes in free sex, all these explanations reek of convenience, so that the low morals, and their consequent ills (that have a grip on most humans that is plainly one of steel) that most people in the ‘West’ live by, are justified. After all, if you look closely, the inherent good of the people in the West is overshadowed by the flawed philosophies they follow, those of Nietsche, for instance. The Church of England itself was founded on lies and murder, for the sake of personal gain.

And all that people like you are doing, is glorifying all that nonsense, not knowing the joys of something far greater.

And the moment, you realise, is going to be your last on Earth, will bring home this horrid truth to you. And lead you to an unhappy death. To say that I, for instance, am part of a vast cycle, a process, natural, or otherwise, is, to me, nothing but demeaning. Life certainly has meaning. And simplifying life leaves one with a beautiful sense of purpose, and a joy that those of your persuasion will unfortunately never experience.

Creationism, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense.

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