Go sit on a beach mate, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(197)

Jan 29, 2013

Richard I have not read your books. Not because I have a particular view of them just I have not. I may do.

It is interesting though to see that you are passionate in declaring God is dead.

I am fascinated by the universe and we probably agree will never now all it has in it. In fact we will not know even a fraction of all it has in it. I think I read somewhere you agree with that point.

All the theories 11th dimension, M theory, string theory multiverse

All look perfectly interesting and good theories to me.

I am sure the flat earth was a good theory – looked flat so was flat – seems logical

I am sure the earth being at the centre of the universe was a good theory too.

All of these theories are interesting until someone finds a way to disprove them.

I guess the God theory is a good one too. Nobody has disproved it.

You seem to be trying.

You see if you don’t have some core creator or power or at least builder with a plan what is the point of it all. There is actually even no point trying to
disprove God because from what you say it doesn’t really matter what I am saying to you, nor what you may say back.


If there is a God it all matters, every last neutrino matters because it all has a point and a purpose. Nothing ends.

I guess entertain the spiritual aspect of religion (please bear with me). Think of the possibilities. Life eternal to dwell in an infinite universe without the restriction of time or movement.

Time to learn all there is to know. Time to go look at all there is. You may say I’m a dreamer but I am not the only one. Even in Communist Russia religion continued. you see its a combination of a great hope and a core need to make sense of it all. No matter what you say or do that will never change and even if you do succeed in convincing everyone that you are right and everyone becomes an atheist even then will you have proved your ‘no God theory’. You can’t nobody can. So why are you so intent? What drives you? Ego, love of your fellow primates.

My advice to you Richard with the limited time you have left is go sit on a beach mate.

I do not really want a reply because no matter what you or I say, according to you it is really in the end of no real consequence. But you can if you like and I will read it. Probably not with an open mind but then again whom real cares anyway.

You will never prove God does not exist, I know you will try. Good luck. No real point really. Give up – relax – go sit on a beach mate, go fishing … have a happy day. it could be your last. You never know.

If God actually tapped on your door and said hello would you be welcoming. Would you acknowledge your theory was as flat as the idea of a flat earth.

I cannot prove God exists – only God can do that. But at the same time I do not actively try to either I just hope. Is there anything wrong with that? So I suggest you may want to get off the back of those like me who do and let us be.

Keep up the good work on science though and do spend a bit of time at the beach mate. Relax.

.Martin O’Sullivan

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