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Jan 29, 2013

This is the only e-mail address that I could find in order to pass on a timely message, so apologies if it’s an inappropriate one.

The first thing that strikes me about Richard Dawkins is the man’s breathtaking arrogance. The very grand title ‘The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science’ speaks volumes in itself.

If any right-minded man genuinely believes that there is no God (and no devil either, come to that), then he ought to go out a bit more. Perhaps lay aside all the academic books and curb the arrogance, and go out into the world. As the old secular saying goes – ‘There is more to Heaven and earth than man ever dreamed of.’ Very true.

I personally believe in God because I know He exists. God has made promises…and lo and behold, they come to pass. Only last June, I attended a church meeting where a coloured prophet from Arizona was speaking. His prophecies were awesomely accurate. He was speaking specifically to individuals about specific events that had occurred in their lives, and he was spot on. Absolutely 100% accurate. Now then, any objective person could only conclude that this prophet was either a mind reader or that the Lord was speaking to him, big time. I know which I believe.

What makes Mr Dawkins’ personal situation perilous is this: Not only is he barking up the wrong tree (he’s most definitely in the wrong forest!), but he is actively leading others astray. ‘On thin ice’, as they say. I know that the great scientist will take no notice of a verse from the New Testament, but St. Paul’s warning that ‘God will not be mocked’ does come to mind when I think of Mr Dawkins and his cohorts.

What a pity that the woolly head of the Anglican Church of England does not get to grips with this man, and put him back in his box. Let’s hope that the current Archbishop of York will soon be taking over.

And finally, some really good news all round! God has been promising a great revival in North Wales. Christians across the globe have heard that something big is about to happen here. Pentecostal churches are being planted throughout North Wales by locals and outsiders. The CofE may be knackered, but the pentecostal and evangelical churches are witnessing significant growth amongst young and old, rich and poor.

Watch this space. It’s not too late for you, Rich – remember the thief on the Cross.

‘Newyddion da o lawenydd mawr’, as we say in Welsh.
.Gwyndaf M Hughes, BA

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