The mind is like a parachute, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(89)

Jan 29, 2013

In a book entitled “My life and letters” written shortly before his death, Charles Darwin stated “Not one change of species into another is on record. We cannot prove that a single species has been changed” yet, in school classrooms up and down the country, our children are incorrectly taught that reptiles turn into birds, and that other species-to-species macroevolution is “fact” – in direct contradiction of Darwin’s own almost-final conclusion.

How easily we are fooled into assuming that something is Truth, simply because it is stated and re-stated often enough, as if it was, without one scintilla of genuine scientific evidence to support it.

The ageless story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” has never been quite so apt, as right now, when applied to the THEORY of evolution!

Oh, one other thing – someone once said “The mind is like a parachute – before using it, make sure it’s open.” In this case, “open” to supernatural (lit. “above nature”) as well as natural scientific explanation.

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