RE: Suing the Pope, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(1297)

Jan 30, 2013


I just saw this article, Suing the Pope . I must admit, from such a clear thinker, sometimes you amaze me. Whatever happened to live and let live, eh? Surely the same philosophy works for religions.

Athiesm when pursued with the fervour and zealousness to the extent that any consideration of alternative thinking is denied without consideration (when in fact neither the existence or absence of a god can be proven), exemplifies all the attributes of the Christian religious fundamentalism which you are seeking to discredit at any opportunity.

Personally, although I cannot prove it using the means of ‘modern science’ (I rely on evidence given by people at the time; which is also scientific incidentally), I believe there is sufficient evidence that Jesus was God.

You sound afraid… Are you voicing your opinion so loud to convince yourself as well as others?


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