Argument for spirituality, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(352)

Jan 30, 2013

The argument I am going to place in front of you today I would hope is going to save your soul if that is still even a possibility Richard. Making a case for the spiritual side of life is probably the best way to approach our disagreement I believe so anyway here we go. The argument I can make is quite simply how detailed life can be. exe. When you are having a good day how does life know exactly how to reward you? When you are having a bad day how does life then know exactly how to punish you. The devil’s in the details if you will pardon the expression. Think of it life knows exactly how to praise you and pummel you and it will do so in great detail.

The only logical explanation I could come up with spirituality Richard. Now maybe the first time you have a bad day and the absolute worst thing that could have possibly happened to you happens, maybe the first time its a coincidence but the second and the third. Failure to acknowledge the spiritual side of life is stupidity at best Richard. God gave you the gift of intelligence and look how you have repaid him by spurning him time and time again. Hopefully now you realize just who’s work you have been doing and yes he’s real too believe me. The question I would ask you is for what?, why risk your soul for money?, how much money can you spend Richard?.

Here’s another stroke of genius for you if you are taking more than your fair share are you not also taking someone else’s. Make amends if you can that’s my advice Richard because eternity is an awful long time what if your wrong?

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