Servant of Christ, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(355)

Jan 30, 2013

That was a very entertaining appearance on the Colbert show that I watch tonight Mr. Dawkins. My name is Justin, I am in no way a Christian, but, I am a servant of Christ and I am not telling you this as an act of persuasion but solely as my proud heritage in Christ. I have often heard come across through one source or another an atheist, evolutionist, and even an agnostic professor who teaches at UNC who promoted his book on the “Daily Show” about the lack of credibility of the most widely known book, the bible! And I did not preach to them nor will I preach to you because we all have our own paths and our own purpose to find in this world. But, something about your appearance bothered me so I wanted to ask you some questions about your belief and I am sure Darwin’s theories will be implemented in any answer that I may receive from you! Maybe what bothers me was the arrogance of what you represent…science…almost in a “god” like way. You said that intelligent design is not truly intelligent, but, the intelligent that men used for technology is. Then surely you must believe that this “intelligence” is flawed? I mean, there is not one pill that cures all and almost every type of medication is argued by some other drug company or doctor that the side affects is not worth it and that their version is better. Not to mention technology it is flawed and if it is not, then, nothing would need to be replaced or words like upgrade would have no meaning. But, I know you know this and you already know that human beings are imperfect. So, I will not take much stock in awaiting your reply for former question. I will state, however, I am somewhat surprised that you think that the way that every organism is designed is not intelligent. From how our body works like a machine, how our arms and legs are used as our bodily “tools”, and our emotions of love/attachment, hate, devotion, loyalty, mistrust, etc.. But I am sure that you believe that all of these examples of intelligent design are actually just examples of evolution and how each thing that our previous (and now defunct state) was lacking and how, through the process of evolution, we were able to compensate what we lack into all of those lovely examples I just mentioned. Not to mention, the smaller organism and their instinct for each of their purpose that they present in nature and their need for survival. From the outside looking in, I would not call it “Intelligent Design”, but, an array of plans that is instilled in every breathing creature. But, I really do not want to talk about evolution versus intelligent design as I will leave it to the overly sensitive Christian and scientist to battle over and waste their time pondering. No, my main question is this. There is a beginning to everything as I am sure you are aware. Where was our beginning at? If we truly evolved from one microorganism into our present state, then, where did this microorganism come from? If you believe that it just existed then does this not contradict your response (that you made on Steven’s show) to those who believe in God also believing that He just existed? And if you do have your own personal theory from which this microorganism came from, then, if it evolved from something even smaller, then where did “it” come from? Do you see, it is a stalemate. It is not a win on your side or the Christian side, but, this is the thing that bothered me. You acted as if this was a win for your side. Your book can and will be argued and as you said, it cannot be disproved nor proven. I guess, I would not want one of you science “guys” to admit the possible existence of God, but, to show humility in recognizing despite all of the verbose words, all of the tests, the lengthy presentations, and etc that will be presented by science, it still comes from men. Men who feed off their own ego for fame and glory as we all are suppose to “worship” their intelligence. How about turning it down just a bit and maybe more Christians would take you seriously!

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