I know Science, Part 1, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(359)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I am writing to you and responding to your position from an educated person’s standpoint. I know Science and know it well.

Firstly, let me state my position clearly. I do believe in Science. I also believe in God. I do not believe there is any kind of contradiction between the two. Neither am I a young earth creationist who believes the Earth is only 10,000 years old. That is silly and unscientific.

This e-mail is meant to be a brief and scientificaly honest reply to your atheism.

Before I discuss the Theory of Evolution, let me discuss the Big Bang. I do believe in the Big Bang. I do not believe in Evolution, and from a scientific position I will explain why.

When we study the present day expanding universe, we clearly see that it started a a finite point in the past. We know this because the universe is expanding outward in all directions.

Astronomers have placed the age of the universe at about 12 to 15 billion years ago.

That is not that long ago! since the universe is clearly expanding from a central point we can honestly conclude that there was a time when this universe did not exist.

It gets better. Theoretical Physics tell us that the Big Bang did not explode into any pre existing space! They say that at the moment of the big bang space, time, matter and energy all came into being at once in a sea of subatomic particles!

An Entire Universe from Nothing!!

The Bible says

“In the Beginning God said ‘Let there be Light’ ”

Does this verse of Genesis not sound like the Big Bang to you Dr. Dawkins?

See, Doctor, The Universe could not be a self existing, steady state universe because recycling of matter to form new stars could never continue indefinitely since recycling is never 100 percent. Plus we can clearly see and study the expansion of the universe, which would not be possible if it had not come into being, rather than having already existed forever.

My library time is running out so on Evolution I will simply say quickly that Evolution breaks the law of Entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, which says that you cannot get complexity out of simplicity. Things in the natural order go the other way around from the complex to the simple, not from the simple to the complex, and in the case of evolution it would never work because it is blind and random, and does not in any way shape or form account for the diversity of life.


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