I know Science, Part 2, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(360)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I just got more library time and I would like if I may expand on my explanations.

Granted, Evolution would work if life were as simple as it was thought to be in Darwin’s time. At that time, the cell was thought to be a simple blob of protoplasm which could both form from nonliving chemicals and change to suit its surroundings as need be.

The cell is not simply a blob of protoplasm.Modern Science shows it to be more complex than we have ever dreamed. And cells do change to suit their surroundings, but this is adaptation, not evolution in the Macro sense.

There is a difference between micro and macro evolution and evolutionary biologists like yourself have made the distinction between the two fuzzy so the uneducated will believe this bankrupt theory!

If life is as complex as modern science shows it to be why are we holding on to a theory from the 1850s? That is ancient in terms of scienticic knowledge!

The theory is dead wrong and bad science.It breaks the laws of the universe, does not explain the origins of life, and its feasibility hangs on random mutations and blind chance!!!

Surely chance and random mutations cannot explain the “evolution” of one species of life, let alone the “evolution” of the trillions of species of life of all five kingdoms of life on Earth!!

The age of the earth in years needed for the evolution, if it were possible, of every species we know exists would be a 10 with a triple digit exponent!

There aren’t even that many subatomic particles in this universe!

There is no doubt in my scientific mind that evolution is false, there is a God, God caused the Big Bang,

God created all life on Earth. Not random Evolution.

If there is no God, why do we have the concept of such a greater being?

Why has he put eternity in our minds?

If there is no God, why does 98 percent of the world worships something?

Could it be that the brain is wired to worship like modern science tells us it is?

Could it be that the brain is wired to seek the spiritual because God wants us to worship him?

Random Evolution could not have caused this.

Again, I do believe in Science. I also believe in God. There is no contradiction between the two.Only an Apparant one by those who wish to promote and believe atheism. God has allowed us to prove he doesn’t exist so he doesn’t infringe on our free will.

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