Faith is good for health, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(440)

Jan 30, 2013

Richard, my heart is deeply troubled for you. You as a devout follower and believer in evolutionary thought (religion) waste so much time and energy trying to dissuade people from their religious beliefs. It seems that these beliefs do in fact have an positive impact on people’s lives (from an evolutionary perspective). Studies show that people who have deep, solid, moral and religious belief systems live longer (thus giving them more time to procreate), are healthier, and are more generous towards others. Why then, if evolution is true, does it matter to you whether or not people believe in the existence of God, the supernatural, and a life after death? Why do you waste so much time? Faith will not go away. You can try to dissuade people all you want but the reality is that science cannot explain how humans can ask the question “why?” but other animals cannot. It cannot explain how people who have been dead for hours can rise up and walk and live again. Why do you have such animosity, anger and hatred towards God and the people who follow Him? You seem to attack the Christian God of the Bible whatever chance you get, but forget to mention the belief systems of other religions who also believe in a creator God. Is your life that meaningless, that you truly believe your only reason to exist is to make more babies. Maybe, if you really believed that evolution was true, you’d spend more time doing that (spreading your seed) than attacking people of faith. My heart is troubled for you. Open your mind, ask God if He exists, not science if God exists. Evolution has become your god. You worship it as strongly as I worship the God of the Bible. The only difference is that my life has meaning, and yours has none (based on our belief systems). I know you probably will never read this email, but your assistants and correspondence teams will throw it in with the junk. But if you really are open-minded, you’ll read this.

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