God and science are compatible, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(450)

Jan 30, 2013

I am a man of reason and a son of God. Where is the mutual exclusivity?

Those who understand science know that God and Science are not oposing
There are Christians who use God to absolve themselves of personal
There are also Atheists who insist on the absence of God to avoid
personal responsibilty.

Science points squarely at the possibility of God.

Look at the beginning. How can nature come into existence through
natural processes when there is no nature to begin with?
Even Richard Dawkins admits that he has no way of knowing what occurs in a singularity where all laws of nature and natural selection breakdown.
How can nothing explode?
How does something come into existence from nothing?
How does inorganic matter create life?
How does asexual reproduction of one organism give way to sexual
reproduction of two organisms?
How does consciousness evolve?
How can DNA code be the only code in existence without a programmer?
How do organisms organize when we know the natural process is to go from
organization to disorganization?
How did an explosion like the Big Bang create structure and organizationand create processes which make it impossible for an explosion to organze anything again?

Science breaks down in the face of these questions.

This is not “God in the Gaps” but reasonable explinations to intriguing questions.

True believers are rigorous thinkers.
Have a nice day.


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