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Jan 30, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I just got done listening to an excerpt of your presentation at Randolph-Macon’s Women’s College.

I can measure the distance from San Francisco to New York as many times as my heart desires. That sort of measurement along with measurements taken when experimenting with REAL, PURE science, is at the very heart of science – that is measurements extracted from controlled, REPEATABLE experimentation from investigating directly or indirectly OBSERVABLE phenomena.

I am sorry to inform you of the logically obvious, but supposed, past events are inobservable, unrepeatable and unfalsifiable making them subject to mostly storytelling. If you wish to implement “scientific” procedures regarding supposed, past events then tell the truth, namely that you are engaging in FORENSICS which is a soft science. For a lesson on pure science vs. soft science refer to the following link:

This misuse of science will not go unnoticed by concerned people who care about the rules, philosophies and methods of science. Quit using science to storytell about a time that is inobservable, untestable, and unfalsifiable in order to fulfill a hidden, religious agenda based on a STUPIDnatural god. I say STUPIDnatural instead of SUPERnatural because as an evolutionist, whether you be an atheist or theist, you believe in a unconscious, unmotivated creator that is blind – hence “STUPIDnatural”.

That, by the way, is the hidden premise of evolution – that a STUPIDnatural god, that goes by many names including God and even Richard Dawkins (that is when Mr. Dawkins claims there is no God or god), twiddled his/her/its thumbs while “evolving” everything we see around us including us. You and your comrads have turned science into a religion within the study of the Theory of Evolution based on this unspoken god that you people try so hard to cover up.

You may not like the HISTORY that my God revealed to mankind, fine. But quit RUINING science to STUDY what is a HISTORICAL matter. Leave HISTORY for the historians and religionists without RUINING science.

That is unless you have found a way to time travel. When you invent such a machine then maybe you can have the audacity to tell people where to go to college.

In the meantime, thank your lucky stars that I was not present in that audience. You would have left in tears.

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