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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins

I expect you receive many emails from Christians all over the world trying to prove to you God’s existence. I, for one, am not one of those Christians because I have no right to tell you what to think, or feel, for that matter, but I will tell you that you are so very very wrong in trying to cause uproar in the world with your book. You are trying to get people round to your way of thinking that there is no God and trying to delude people into unbelief. That is all you amount to at the end of the day, you are just an unbeliever. Just because you do not believe in God does not mean to say He does not exist. It just makes you, as I have said, an unbeliever.

If you have NEVER looked at a Bible then I suggest you do so now and see in Matthew 24 that EVERYTHING in that chapter is happening NOW. Bible prophecy has been proved over many, many years to be correct and the evidence of the birth and life of Jesus Christ, AND His death and Resurrection have been catalogued and scripted justly and truthfully. There is more evidence to support the life of Jesus Christ than that of the life of Genghis Khan!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that the Ark of Noah has also been found on Mt Ararat? This proves the flood happened. Did you know that Jonah was swallowed (probably) by a whale and they said this could never happen in real life? ……….A whale was harpooned and they found an Italian man living in its belly……….

I am not trying to prove to you God’s existence because as far as I am concerned, I only have to look around me and see the wonderful world He has made. Proof enough. But I also am a Christian who attends Church and sing in our worship group and I love every minute of praising the God who created me, AND you. Whether you like it or not, He did make you and one day you shall know the truth but it will be too late for you. I do feel sorry for you, you probably had religion rammed down your throat all your life and now you are rebelling.

You probably do not believe in the devil, but he exists as sure as we do. He is the one who is blinding your eye to God’s favour. He wants you in hell with him when Jesus comes back, and at this rate, hell is where you will be. However….you still have time to repent and accept Jesus as your saviour. Yes, even you can be saved if you TRULY repent.
Confirmed atheist or not, when you are on your death bed, faced with no hope, and the fear that “this is it” you will call out to God and beg for clemency. It has been proved by so many atheists facing death, scared out of their wits and calling out to a God that they trashed and said did not exist………and I know in my heart that you will be one of those people, and when you do you will find that Jesus has been waiting to hear you say that.

I just hope and pray it does not take a death bed confession for you to become a believer, because you would have such a testimony to tell. You could write another book denouncing the previous and the title could go something like ” From Death to Everlasting Life.”

I shall be praying for you.

May God bless you and keep you until the day you become His in Spirit and in TRUTH….Read a Bible, He will show Himself to you. You don’t have to tell anyone…just see for yourself how alive He is.

Yours in truth and love


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