Bogus, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(572)

Jan 30, 2013

I must say that you would best be off writing a book entitled The Human Delusion as there is no doubt you exhibit more of this from what you say than you can ever imagine. I heard your interview yesterday on NPR and concluded that you really do not have the slightest idea as to what you are saying. Do you really profess to know such things? It is not only ignorant and arrogant but entirely absurd. Sadly, I fear there are enough poor delusional humans out there to think you have something substantial to say. In reality it is entirely bogus. You really do not know anything except to know how much you do not know. A wise one would admit this however I see that you are beyond this by your personality. I partly blame your parents and partly your circumstance as to why youturned out the way you have. Our dear Prof Einstein did not know it all and died saying in effect “I only wish I would have come to know God better….”. Whether he believed in God or not is his own problem as it is yours. But really to profess to know what truth really is and what it all means….oh excuse me….you have said “we are not entitled to have a meaning of anything” then why do research or why take up study at all? How silly and what utter nonsense. Of course we are entitled to meaning in everything in life only we do not come by known meaning of anything without thinking and exploring and experimenting and with the evolution of time. In much the case we do not come by meaning at all. When your mother kisses you it means many things, one being that she loves you and knowing that meaning makes you content. We wish to be content about our knowledge of the world but cannot because meaning is a mystery. Be
content with that my good man.

Lastly, your disbelief in an All Knowing Creator is your problem. Faith is mercifully granted. It cannot be artificially instilled. The latter will show discord. Watch your life and see where it will lead a person who is proud to reject the knowledge that his own souls knows. There will be discord in this to be sure.

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