Dear Mr. Hawkins, Wed, Jan 30 2013 #(584)

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Mr. Hawkins.

I’m really just learning a little bit about mind virus and memetics.

I’m fascinated with it, and I find some truth to it.

I’m sad to find out your an atheist though, because I believe you actually show what Jesus was fighting against, which was mind virus against God.

What is God to you.

You think of God on a different level other wise you wouldn’t have come to the conclusions you have.

You actually stop further investigation, I presume, based on who created what first, and until you have an answer, you will not allow your mind to scan any further for the truths that are in the bible.

I believe your mind virus theory fits what happened to the Jews perfectly.

I believe Satan is the first one to spread a mind virus.

I believe Jesus is the one, who fought and died against negative mind virus to free us.

If you know this, you should be ashamed of what you have done.

You are no better then the Pharisees of the Jews in that you capitalize on this knowledge to imprison people to maintain, your place and identity in this present world.

You are no better the LRH, do you know who he is?

I hope that someday you will see how your mind virus is better able to explain what it was Jesus was fighting against and for.

Evil is a mind virus.
Sin is the action of it.

Your not plagiarizing the bible and trying to make yourself above God are you?
Because simply put this is what the Pharisees did.

Jesus called them vipers and children of Satan.

To put in your language, Jesus told them to they are propagators of bad mind virus’s that is harmful to God and his good will.

God = good, love, honesty, and the fruits of the holy spirit.

Evil = selfish IE, you should know about this one, this is the one the got the whole train a rolling.

Are you sure, the way you packaged this God delusion isn’t a selfish agenda of self survival in this current climate?

Once again I see and will continue to see the truth I gather from mind virus’s theory.

I was a child of a scientologist and I know this(mind virus) has truth to it.
But to use this truth and twist it to maintain the power and political standing in this present world is, well, selfish, so your back at square one now and a Pharisee.

You think Christians are condescending to you, but you do not realize they may see you for who you really are, or in fact, see the end result of your agenda.
It is you who are condescending Mr., Hawkins, and you are being condescending to God.

It isn’t a total loss though, if you look hard enough in the bible, you will see, that the mind virus theory is in fact a fact and it is called a lie and Satan is the father of it.

I too, once looked at religion and God the same way as you, but things happened to change my mind and heart.

The bible warns of false Christians.

Satan in fact will be acting as an angel of light, = knowledge/truth.

You have missed the mark and are an acting as an angel of light to the world and this is the reason Christians are angry at you because they see you and another one of the many anti-christ running around spreading mind virus’s against what they see as truth, and strange as it may sound to YOU, it is the truth.

You are not the savior of mankind, Mr., Dawkins as you believe yourself to be right now.

Jesus was and is and always will be, He is the ultimate mind virus eraser.

This is why you will have no effect on Jesus’ true disciples.

God help you and help us all.

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