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Jan 29, 2013

My conversion took place 50 yrs ago,long before I had heard of RD,but having just finished ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ I felt I had to tell him not to be too despondent about the poll results he quotes in his final chapter. Education is also an evolutionary process and progress can be very slow. My parents left school at 14 one to bring up her siblings and the other to earn some money.

They were wise enough to give me a better,and largely scientific,education (albeit by a religeous order!) and wise enough to tolerate my rebellion against the dogma of hellfire if I didn’t go to mass on a Sunday. However,even my education let me down in some chapters of the book,but that may be due to my three-score and ten. There are still too many children leaving school illiterate,never mind about being able to think for themselves,and are still susceptible to indoctrination.

I suspect it will be a few more generations before most children are confident to think for themselves,(and perhaps a little longer before the mid-west of you-know-where catches up.)

Regards Ken Brookman

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