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Jan 29, 2013,

First and foremost I want to commend Mr Dawkins for all his work, in both the fields of science and ‘atheism for the good of our world and our future.’

Three months ago the name, Richard Dawkins, didn’t mean diddly-squat to me. I had no idea of who he was. However, three months and three books later, he is now the man responsible (along with Robert Wright) for turning my whole life upside down; or should I say, the right way up.

My girlfriend and I (both Australians) have just finished a two month trip, driving around the States of America. Our morning routine when embarking on our long drives from destination to destination was this: pack up our van early in the morning, grab a coffee, jump in the car, and the passenger (most of the time my girlfriend) would open up Robert Wright’s, The Evolution of God and begin reading. The combination of driving through some of America’s most heart-breakingly beautiful scenery while learning about the evolution of pagan through to polytheistic through to monotheistic (concepts of) Gods was quite a poignant time in my life and one that would initiate a ‘cocoon to butterfly’ type change in my consciousness. The information in this book was enough to smash my pentecostal Christian upbringing bias to pieces and totally open up my mind.

We have now settled down in Banff, Alberta to live for a year. We moved into a fully furnished unit but our TV has decided to stop working, so we get to read a lot more and have begun to enjoy Youtube, TED Talks, and Google Video. This is how I first heard of Richard Dawkins. My girlfriend and I watched him on ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) program, Q&A, where he was pitched in a debate against creationists. His clear logic, impressive knowledge, good character, and obvious good intentions sparked my interest in evolution and natural selection. I have now read The God Delusion, and I’m halfway through The Greatest Show on Earth, and there’s no doubt I will be reading all his other publications.

In three months I’ve gone from Christian (indoctrinated) to, although I’m still uneasy calling my self one, atheist. And I feel absolutely liberated. It only took picking up a book and reading evidence; beautiful, exquisite evidence. The world is so much more awe-inspiring and wondrous than I could have possibly imagined if I was still basing my beliefs on an out-dated, unreliable scripture.

I believe, through natural selection, I have been ‘sculpted’ to critically think, and I will be teaching my children to do the same.

Mr Dawkins, thank you for raising my consciousness.


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