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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins – I have scarcely completed page 38 of The God Delusion, and I am ready to shout my excitement from the rooftops. I find myself saying aloud “this is great,” “I love this guy,” or “exactly” after just about every sentence I read. I’m taking time out from feverishly flipping pages to share my antics when I checked out The God Delusion from my local library. It wasn’t until I got home and began reading that I realized I held the front cover of the book against me while waiting in line so others around me wouldn’t see my selection. I had my 4-year old son with me, and I was worried one of the delusional people around me would snatch him away if they saw the “trash” I was reading. There’s no way I should be allowed to care for a child, right? (I live in a small town where you can find a Southern Baptist at every turn!)

I’m looking forward to finishing this book and moving on to others. I also look forward to coming out completely, although I’m sure it will come as no surprise to my Christian (read: superstitious) friends. I’m rather vocal with my thoughts especially in those instances where these people tell you, “it’s god’s will” — you hear this nonsense mostly at funerals. I always ask why it’s god’s will. Invariably, I receive some version of this most ridiculous response, “It was part of god’s plan for him/her. There was no way around it.” Oh really?? Well if god has it all figured out, why bother praying because since god has this “divine plan” then praying is a waste of time. Also, how can we hold any one person on Earth responsible for any of his/her actions because they had no choice because it was part of god’s plan. NONSENSE!!

There’s one final bit of nonsense I’d like to address on my soapbox…it often makes me physically ill when my superstitious friends and/or relatives tell me before I meet someone new, “Now watch your mouth when you meet so-and-so and bite your tongue because he/she is very religious.” Why the hell isn’t it the other way aroound? Why am I the one to censor myself, be overly sensitive and listen to yet another superstitious individual mention Jesus 2,000 times in a 20 minute conversation??!?!? We (in the US) give religion entirely too many rights. The ultimate trump card.

Mr. Dawkins, thank you for your perspective and the encouragement I have already found so early in your book.

(Virginia, US)

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