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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Mr. Dawkins.

Technically, I was not converted by your ideas. Although I was born in a deeply religious family
in a very religious country (Brazil), and since my childhood I was told that there’s a god, and
that life is basically acknowledging that again and again, I happened to see the works
of Darwin, and never could actually put those conflicting ideas together in my mind.

I didn’t believe in god. but as you once said, i didn’t know yet. Because of my religious
environment (I even studied in a religious school) i was not allowed to say it. I, myself,
could not let me dwell in such thoughts, for i considered deeply wrong to question the existence
of god.

that lingered far too long. but in a ironic twist, the same school that insisted in teach me
that the universe was created by a Santa Claus in a white robe, in 6 days, was the same
that taught me about Darwin and its discoveries. It taught me about the electron. About Gregor
Mendel and the gene. it taught me about Oparin. about the carbon, about the wonderful things
that made the universe so vast, yet so intriguing and beautiful…

in the end, although I was never interested in school grades, those ideas my teachers passed to me
enlightened me to the point i could see beyond the dark cave religion has put me in. After that,
as the years passed, i gradually created more courage to truly admit i was atheist.

You sir are one strong source of such courage. you taught me how to be honest.
honest with myself, with my beliefs, with my marvelous wish for contemplation.
you showed how to be academic, yet, poetic. you showed that true beauty
lies in the true world, and taught me how breathtaking our existence can truly be.

it’s sad to see the hate and anger to control so many people in our society.
it’s like see the whole unimaginable probability of our existence in this earth of ours
to be totally waste. that’s why it’s so important what minds like yours teach,
because it’s the exact opposite of hate: reason.

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