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Jan 29, 2013

I can report a recent conversion Richard.

I had the very good fortune to be in Kap Marie Jessup land, the very
northern tip of Greenland the other day (in fact the furthest north
dry land in the world).

I was travelling some Danish military personnel and as geologist I was
point various interesting facts in this starkly beautiful part of the
world. Prattling on I believe its called.

Some of the narrative was met with some scepticism as I and another
geologist explained the Silurian rocks and how they represented a time
so ancient and different to the Arctic tundra we surveyed.

At the exact moment one of the Danes uttered that he wasn’t so sure he
tripped and fell over the most wonderfully preserved Rugosa Coral.

So well preserved that a Sergeant First Class with no geological
training identified this as a coral before we had a chance to speak.

There was silence…nothing need be said and we all walked back to the helicopter.

St John the Rugosa Coral we laughed

I can only think that if every school child had a chance to visit
“Rugosa Mount” only 9,000 odd kilometres NNW of Jerusalem they may
grow up to have a questioning mind rather than a believing mind.

Kind regards
Alastair Clayton

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