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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,
I was raised in a baptist bible slapping family, i always had my doubts but when i was 16 devoted myself to christianity. i tried and tried and tried to be the best little christian i could and it just wasnt possible. i started reading books about athiesm and philosophy when i was around 18. It was around that time i met my current boyfriend of two years who intoduced me to your videos and books. i really appreciate everything youve written and done for atheists. I stilll havent told my family because they told me since childhood that if i “stopped going to church, and grew away from faith: Sin” theyd disown me and stop helping me pay for college. Being to the end of only my Sophomore year of university, im afraid of losing their love, respect, and help along my education. I feel however its ridiculous to have to hide what i think so thank you for all that you do to promote your scientific teaching i am so glad to have converted.

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