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Jan 29, 2013

Faith No More: a cautionary tale

Terri Julians finds some sympathy for people who cannot let go of dogma – She was one of them.
It is very difficult to admit that, after years of believing in something which sustained and fulfilled you to the point of certainty, that you have probably been wrong, misled, deceived or just plain gullible.

A faith or belief on which so much rests is not easily abandoned, which is why I do sympathise with those of faith who doggedly and in the face of so much contra-evidence, hang on to their religious beliefs for dear life. Sometimes it is all they have that makes their lives seem dear to them.

I can honestly say, as a result of my own experiences, that it physically hurts to face yourself and admit that all you have built for yourself which has sustained you through the worse of times, which enabled you to cope with the death of loved ones and justify all that ever happened to you, is actually built on foundations of jelly, albeit a very tasty and seemingly fulfilling jelly.

When the foundations do finally give way and the edifice of belief comes crashing down, it also grabs your insides on the way, and brings your guts, your heart and “soul” and the whole sorry mess down with it.
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Terri (Swordmaiden)

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