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Jan 29, 2013

Professor R. Dawkins.

I need to thank you, because I’ve always been in contradiction about things like the origine of life, and after I read your book everything became clearer, after that I had something to fix my beliefs.
I always was a lover of the science (since my 12, when I studied how the human’s body works) but the religion always was a wall to my knowledge, even this reigion being a “non-radical” religion and accepting the things that the science prove, like the Darwinian evolution. It was a wall because it told me to believe that there was something above us and we could never understand, and this “supernatural thing” created everything… To me it always was something hard to belive but I never had arguments enought to say “no, I dont belive in what this religion says”. So, finally, you and your book, “The God Delusion”, came to my life and lighted it all…
Now I can say with all pride: I’m atheist (even with my family not accepting haha).

I always loved the science, and particularly the biology, and now I wish to be a biologist like you.. So you are more than a hero to me, is someone to mirror myself.

I don’t have much more to say, only a great “Thank you” and a sorry for my bad english. haha

Thank you again and very kind regards.

Bruno C, Brasil.

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