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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

Its been about 2 years now and im a 100% Atheist or well a a 6.9 out of 7 if you know what i mean haha and the cool thing is im only 16 years old. I kinda grew up in a Christian family but being with my mother she FORCED me to go to church, since i was given an unobliged baptism ….eewwwww. ok well i was also forced to go to catechism since perhaps 5 years of age. But ever since i was a little girl i was fond of nature , animals , insects ,i evan remember my christian mother buying me lost of books about the prehistoric times and evan evolution. At catechism i remember asking the teacher , where are the dinosaurs everytime she talk about adam and eve and dirty stuff like that. All my life i was taught that theres a almighty god blah blah blah and stuff like that , wich kind of made me affraid of god. SO lets get to the juicy part , two years ago , we started to not go to church on christmas eve and easter and then one day , one day my sister and i were youtubing videos and accidently watched a whole documentary on the witch children of africa. The things they did to the children discusted me so i started to doubt religion because i did not want to believe in a horrible religion that killed children so then on another bright shinning day my sister and i watch Bill Maher Religulous AND THE I BECAME ATHEIST 😀 😀 🙂 FINALLY Bill Maher showed me it was ok to not have a religion because no one ever told me that , if i would of known earlier i would of became an atheist at 5 years old. And then with more research i became evan more facinated by Evolution because i know its real unless somethinig similar comes out in a theory. Then last year i first saw you (Richard Dawkins ) on bill maher and you made me laugh and also proved to me thats i should not be afraid to ”come out of my closet” and so i did. I am pretty sure my mom is an Atheist now because all the facts and arguments we had together in the past year and out of my 5 closest friends 3 of them are confermed atheist and are also spreading the joy .My sister is atheist and i am letting every body know i am too by drawing Darwin symboles everywheres on my homework etc. at my school .

Now i was wondering if you were ever going to drop by in Canada … haha i live in Moncton ,New Brunswick and would love to have a seminar with you.Also in my grade 12 anatomie class i am doing a project on evolution and yes i picked it , it was not evan a choice because at my school , teachers dont have time to teach evolution. And it would be a dream for you to help me have the best evolutionary information to make my whole class athiest 🙂
evan that i would love for you to come to my class if its possible with the school 🙂 I do go to a french school but everyone is english haha.

When i graduate i am planing to pursue a career in evoltionary sciences and i wont let anyone stop me.

You are my number one idole and i thank you for your amazing work. Most girls my age are obsessed with justin bieber but i am obsessed with evolution hehehe

sinserely Sabrina Cormier.

p.s. I go to a french school so sorry if there is any spelling mistakes:)

bye bye 🙂 😀 : )

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