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Jan 29, 2013

Thank-you Richard and everyone who has assisted and supported him for saving me from the stranglehold of religion. Its been over a year since I read The God Delusion (thumped into my hand by my elder brother) and freed my mind (and my stressed stomach) and secured a new future for my children. Its not that any of it was new or a surprise, it was just so resonent with what was going on in my mind that I was forced to conceded to myself that the religious path was not meant for my feet!

I loved Douglas Adams books, his ideas (and books) have travelled with me through 2 decades, 3 degrees, and 5 jobs and across 2 continents. I re-read the Hitchhikers Guide series after I read your books (I read the Ancestors’ Tales too) and laughed myself silly. It made so much (and so little) sense.

Wishing you success and joy!
An African in Germany.

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