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Jan 29, 2013


My name is Arron Evans and I just wanted to take the time to gratefully thank Richard Dawkins on his enlightening and liberating documentary the God Delusion. I used to be a Methodist Christian, I never practised quite as I should have but nonetheless I had a strong faith in God. I always believed the bulk of scientific theory, but I was convinced a greater power such as God intelligently designed the universe we live in today. But after seeing the God Delusion on More 4, the last of my zealous attitude was knocked straight out of me. For the first time I feel I can think clearly, and when a Theist questions the scientific method I can respond intelligently and put them down almost instantly. I don’t know if Richard himself reads these submissions but if he does I will say; you have released me from a lifetime of control, conformity and religious doctrine which thanks to you I know find ludicrous. I live now as an Atheist of the highest standard knocking away the laughable attempts from crazed theists to bring me back to their organized lives. I really hope Richard himself reads this, and once again I thank you for setting me free.


Arron Evans

P.S I feel I should inform you I am 16 years old, your words don’t go unnoticed on the teenagers today as you can see. Keep up the good work, ousting religion is a top priority if we wish to advance to a brighter and better future.

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