Converts, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(114)

Jan 29, 2013

Hello Professor Dawkins,

My name is Jake Murtaugh; I’m from the U.S. Well, like many of the convert family, I was a closet doubter for a long, long time. And like many, I was raised with a decently religious background. Not too austere thankfully, but enough to have an influence. I actually think a lot of my family are closet doubters that are just too afraid to open the door! Anyway, as the subject of my letter states, I want to thank you for helping me develop my own naturalist/evolutionist worldview. Like Mr. Adam, I had a lot of questions (I was the firebrand in my family pointing out the weird crap in the bible) about religion, life, evolution, etc. and I usually got the “God says so” or “God has always been there” answers, which answered absolutely nothing. So over the years I have read the bible and virtually every biblical text, apocryphal and the like (with the goal of finding everything wrong with it as much as I could), along with Darwin’s work mixed in with simple common sense and what finally got me to get the balls to come out and speak my mind on these matters was when I read your books ‘The God Delusion’ and ‘The Blind Watchmaker’. As you once said about Darwin, you have absolutely made it more than possible to become a intellectually fulfilled atheist. Besides my Dad, you have to be my biggest influence on overall knowledge and evolution, and having read a lot of your books and watching and reading interviews and just simply learning from you, I continue to win little debates about how belief in god or anything like that is just crap! So for all this, I thank you profusely. I hope this letter gets to you and I look forward to anymore books or DVDs you put out. Again, thank you very much.

-Jake Murtaugh

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