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Jan 29, 2013

To the Master Disillusionist,

Since about the age of ten I found several things in the bible that don’t make sense. Why does god allow evil to exist if he has the power to destroy it in an instant, or even to erase it from time? If he loves us all so, then from whence cometh hell? Surely if a place as pure as heaven were real then any evil spirit that went there would be instantly purified and left alone to an eternity of bliss. That being so, the bible gives us no reason to act in a morally decent way because He would reward anybody, regardless of their evil. However, your books present something much better. Let’s all be good to each other because we only get one chance, and it’s an amazing chance indeed. Thank you for showing myself and countless others how much more amazing understanding the universe is than making poorly informed guesses.

Kindest regards,

A New Convert

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