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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins

I just wanted to thank you so much for your books which brought me out of the dark. I was raised atheist to begin with actually. Howevermy parents were only telling me that “religion is for stupid people” and “there is no God.” But that didn’t satisfy me I guess.I think atheist parents should teach their children more than that. They should explain them why they don’t believe. All I knew was “monkeys are our ancestors”.

In my teenage years I was reading about Buddhism and later I became very interested in “new age” and then in Sufism and and ended up converting to Islam in my early 20s. I remained so for 7 years, religion didn’t really provide me answers, but I enjoyed the feeling of having a community, and support. And religion helped me cope with almostall the negative things happened in my life. I could simply say “God’s ways are mysterious” or “God will reward me for being patient.” and all the like. At the same time I thought the more I do what God tells me to do, the more he will open his open his knowledge to me, (because his knowledge is secret and not available for any person) So I did everything he said. I prayed five times a day, I fasted, I sacrificed animals every year, andI evenfollowed the Islamic dress codes.I came to a point where I felt that Iwouldn’t even get sad if my children died because they were simply not mine, everything was his.

While I was growing up, my parents also converted to Islam, Irecieved manyof Harun Yahya collections with books and cds from my ex-atheistfather!I must say I enjoyed all the colorful pictures, and words from Quran mixed with science. I think it is so sad that while my father was an atheist all he could provide me as answers were simple negations, he didn’t take me to museums, he didn’tteach me about science.But once he was religious he bought me lots of religious materials, praying rugs, scarves, praying beads, hetook me to mosques, he prayed with me. The truth is, most people are certainly more passionate about religion than about science.
The more religious and orthodox I got the more suspicious I became about God’s motives. So I started reading agnostic and atheist books and started studying religion at university. I can honestly say that the audiobook version of your book “The God Delusion” changed my life and my husband’s.Although i feel very sad and lonely time to time now and can’t find anything to hang on to, I wouldn’t prefer to be living in adelusion. I am sure I will find a way to cope with reality some day, however I must sayI am still ina shockafter findingout there is no God but nothing changes that I am proud to know the truth finally.
Thank you so much for speaking out.

Ada from Norway


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