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Jan 29, 2013

Professor Dawkins, I know you probably won’t read this, let alone reply, but I have to write this anyway. I’m sixteen and am from aCatholic family in England.We go to Church at least every other Sunday. I never questioned my beliefs. They weren’t even up for questioning. I suppose I was aware that there was atheism, but didn’t think much of it. In Biology a couple of years ago we studied evolution and it sort of threw me. I looked it up on the internet and all I saw was overwhelming evidence. I guess that sort of started it. Surely if the bible got that wrong, what else would it have gotten wrong? Then, like 6 months ago, I read your book (armed with a thesaurus). Okay, I didn’t read all of it, but I read enough to understand the main arguments. Also that it makes sense for humans to believe in God because it comforts them, amongst other things. It really opened my eyes. So, I’m an atheist now! I still haven’t told my family. I’m finding it hard to. It’s the whole “my parents will be disappointed in me thing”. Which I know is ridiculous, but it’s hard. Just to say, that I one of the main things that stuck with me is that a child is not a Muslim child or a Christian child, but a child of Muslim or Christian parents. I still go to Church and it actually amuses me, though it’s stupidly frustrating. I don’t understand how it’s fair for a child to be brought up to a set of beliefs. Surely it makes more sense to be brought up as atheists, constantly asessing and doubting, than to be brain-washed into a religion and then unable to get out of it? So what I’m really saying is thank you. Thanks for being brave enough to say everything and in such a convincing way :). It’s really made me in awe of the world, and the things that nature can produce. It’s far more awe-inspiring and liberating than God ever was to me. People say religion gives you comfort (that annoys me too – how is that evidence?)yet I think nature gives you more than enough comfort to be getting on with. Thanks, Becky.

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