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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Richard Dawkins,

I am writing you from Kicevo from Macedonia and I am SO glad to inform you about the fact that after reading the God Delusion, me and my whole family removed unnecessary religious dogmas from our lives. Thanks for helping! ^^

We, as all family members are great fans of you and admire and respect your struggle against magicians who are manipulating society in various wicked ways.
Just a very small critic about the point that your usage of political symbols (like Stalin whose role in history is still debatable and unclear) is making us a little bit anxious. In our opinion, leaving politics apart from your honorary battle against superstition will make it more precious.

We just wanted to help you in a way and wrote this e-mail for supporting you. Thank you for everything you have done on the behalf of science and reason. Darwin bless you.

“Faithlessly” yours

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