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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I was an atheist by the time I read The Selfish Gene (is that the right translation? I read it in portuguese), but since my family’s deslike towards atheists or something/one that goes against God’s sacred words, I’ve always tried to be a religious person. Of course my intends to believe in sometihing that escapes reason were a total failure. But, when I read your book, I stood more confident on being an atheist, so, I “believe” the real function of your book was for me to “get out of the closet”. Thus, I admire your work and what you’ve doing to humanity at all. And, if there’s something I believe, or that I want to believe at least, is that someday we’ll live in a world free of religious radicalism, where people will be guided by their consciences, not by some punishing, almighty “father”. A world of prosperity, where ideas will be free to go where they’re needed, and, for sure, your work is a fundamental part of this big picture of my dreams. Thank you for everything.


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