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Jan 29, 2013

Dearest Richard, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to listen to your incredible lectures, your thought provoking insights on many topics and your unforgettable ‘winning’ moments in countless debates. Due mainly to your words I have decided (finally) on my worldview. I want to share my short story with you about my journey to Atheism.
I am twenty three years old, a university student and an ex-catholic. Like many, I grew up in a church-drenched environment, said my prayers every night, tried to be (like?) jesus and I am even an ‘award winning’ catholic boy – in grade eight I received and award for the student who best displayed catholic values! My big revelation about my delusion happend when I was around eighteen. Near my house five years ago, there was an excavation of a first nation archeological site going on, and then arose the big question: How does a christian/catholic country justify living their lives out over a history of genocide? Why did our ‘religious’ government force them into lives of poverty? The questions kept me up at night. Thanks to my history classes, I knew Natives were human beings and not the savages they were portrayed to be.
After that got me questioning my beliefs, I got caught up in (and still am caught up in) environmentalism, and I picked up the fantastic book, ‘THE SACRED BALANCE’, by DAVID SUZUKI. That book taught me the oh-so-important lesson that humans are just animals, all life is related and put nature into its true perspective for me. This book did not teach me anything about religion or the existence of god, but it definately got me out of catholicism (why didn’t jesus talk about evolution?!). I then came across your videos on youtube, bought your God Delusion book, and am now, officialy, an Atheist… Just don’t tell my Mother 😉
I find I am less judgemental, more laid back, smarter, happier and all around more fulfilled being an Atheist.
Thankyou for speaking out.

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