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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Mr Dawkins, as well as whoever else might read this.
I have never been a religion person, mostly because it never made sense to me, but it was not until I read The God Delusion that I truly understood why.
My name is Jack Baxter, and I come from England. I was raised in a christian school where we had to pray every morning. I always knew that evolution made more sense, but you really opened my eyes as to why we would all be better off without religion at all, and I want to thank you for that.
You really proved to me beyond all doubt that that evolution is the only answer to why we are here, baring the origin of life itself, and not just the individual species, and although I am only sixteen, I must admit that I think you are a genius, and a brave man for openly standing up to religion
I can’t thank you enough for converting so many people to science and reason and saving them from blind ignorance.
Yours sincerely

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