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Jan 29, 2013

my dear Mr. Dawkins

thank you for those wonderful books, i live in salt lake city and the electrical monk spread my coffee over the window, my changes of mind start when i was 8 years old and i open a book containing a brief explanation of evolution and i read it then i did no understood totally and i still not that is why i am reading more in the form why evolution is true by Jerry A. Coyne then I toll to my friends “there is no creator we are products of evolution” fortunately religion was not forced down my throat until i was 11 my mother blackmail me i sentimental way “if you love me do your fist communion” so i did it to show her my love an after reading so many papers books including chemistry, biology, some forms of geology and enjoy TV shows on TV in the history channel, national geographic an so on on day something happen was like my eureka moment god does NOT exist an religion is an invention by men in me your books have been the last nail in to the coffin of religion does not matter any and i am nice with my fellow humans for the sake of be nice i do not need holy books, once more thanks for those books now i am standing tall i am proud to say i am atheist, English is not my first language sorry for the spelling, and i still reading in your words this world as it is is far more elegant and beautiful minus religion an atheist who live in salt lake city utah

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